Tenant information

Documents to be presented when renting a property

We would like to receive the following information and documents from you, as the main resident as well as from any co-occupant(s):

  • Legible color copy both front and back of a valid ID, or passport.
  • Landlord statement if you have been a tenant elsewhere.
  • Employer's statement no older than one month.
  • Copy of employment contract.
  • Copy of pay slips from the last 3 months
  • Copy of bank statements from the last 3 months on which the salary has been deposited.
  • Copy bank card from the same account number as your bank statement.


Documents to be submitted for independent entrepreneurship

  • Extract from Chamber of Commerce, not older than 1 month.
  • Last year's auditor's report, showing net result and forecast for the next 12 months, signed by the accountant.
  • Copy of the last income and corporate tax return.
  • Copy of bank statements from the last 3 months showing your solvency.


The documents can be emailed stating the home address to:  info@parkstone.nl

Parkstone then checks whether all documents completed have been delivered correctly.

If the application is not complete, it will not be processed.


Income requirements

As an income requirement, the gross monthly income for both long standing households (families and partners), home sharers and students must be at least equal to 3 times the gross rent. A guarantor may be required by the landlord as an additional income requirement.

A deposit of 1 to 2 months gross rent is required depending on your income.

A deposit of 3 months gross rent may be requested from house sharers and / or students.

Self-employed persons must have conducted a business for at least 2 years and must have kept up to date adequate accounts.


Housing permit

From 1 July 2019, a housing permit is required for many apartments from the Municipality of The Hague. The annual income of your household may be a maximum of € 57,053 or less for a single-person household or a maximum of € 67,053 for a household with 2 or more people.

More information can be found on the website of the Municipality of The Hague.


Payments before signing the lease

  • The deposit must be paid.
  • The 1st month's rent must be paid.
  • If you start renting from the 16th of the month, the 1st rent payment also consists of the following months rent.



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