About us

At Parkstone, we are committed to bring together the demand and supply in residential and office spaces

Parkstone's core values


Action is our first instinct

win together

Our core values ​​are our guide in everything we do. In hiring people, the way we work together, in the choices we make and how we do business. We really stand for our core values, our word is our word, you can hold us accountable.


Our team and our culture

At Parkstone we work with a small team to bring together the supply and demand of residential and office spaces. People who are successful at Parkstone have something in common: they are ordinary, have actions as their first instinct and want to win together.


Ordinary. Ordinary is not boring, ordinary is doing what it takes. Making a customer happy and satisfied, that's just what we think. We find a complete description of objects to be rented, always an answer to a question and clear language in contracts. We also think it's ordinary to have a life aside your work and that it is sometimes useful to leave a little earlier. Or that if something has to be finished that you stay half an hour longer.


Action is our first instinct. We have a 'getting things done' mentality. We are tacklers, doers, we fix things. We overcome obstacles, we find solutions and we deliver results. We don't save things until tomorrow if they can be done today. Do we have an idea? Then we run it and evaluate the result. Are we not satisfied? Then we take another step, until the desired result is achieved.


win together. we work together as one team. Also with the customer. There is no person bigger than the team. We do our very best in everything we do. We go for win-win-win. Winning together also includes a high degree of responsibility and autonomy. And that also means unloading the dishwasher together and preparing lunch. We also have lunch together, because you can't win without a full stomach. Achieved successes are celebrated during a drink at the office or in the city.


Selina Akbaba